5 reasons to rent your house with Costa Calpe

Know the 5 reasons why you should rent your house with Costa Calpe. We have many more, but these are the most important!

From the first moment you will receive a close and individualized treatment, adapting us to the needs of your house and its availability. Costa Calpe staff will visit and evaluate the property in person, offering free advice to obtain maximum profitability with your rental.

Costa Calpe will take care of everything you need to make sure you don't have to worry about maintenance, minor repairs, cleaning and laundry service and garden and swimming pool maintenance. It also offers the possibility of carrying out these tasks if you wish, saving the corresponding cost.

Thanks to more than 31 years of experience in the holiday rental sector, we can offer you a fixed and 100% guaranteed amount, based on different scales of relations with your property, such as number of bedrooms, equipment, decoration, location... Some of the indispensable requirements to rent your house with guarantees are:

  • Having Wi-Fi connection.
  • Having air conditioning.

Costa Calpe has agreements and favorable conditions with proven companies in the area for the installation of these requirements at the lowest cost.

You can occupy your home for a certain period of time during the duration of the contract. We will adjust the guarantee of your property according to the weeks you decide to enjoy your home. The only period that Costa Calpe needs to have at its disposal is the whole month of August.

Always based on a successful business relationship, we can plan together the next seasons, providing your home with more and better equipment, resulting in greater profitability for us and a better guarantee for you. We also have the possibility to carry out necessary reforms that increase the category of your property.

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